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Sat, Dec. 27th, 2008, 11:03 pm

I've always wanted to be a Big Brother mentor.
Tonight I submitted my application online.
I'm so excited.

Sat, Nov. 1st, 2008, 12:02 am
Year 4; Semester 1

To do:
6 Courses:
  • 5 regular 4th year courses - Finance included!
  • 2 year long independent studies: Orientation planning and a course where I asses the current literature on "screen time" and physical activity, and another on youth and motorized recreational vechiles. Both papers going to Recreation Nova Scotia to provide a basis for their official stance on each issue. 
  • One community project. Grant seeking for "Africville Interpertive Center" Trying to fundrains $60 000 to hire a professional fundraiser. This project has the oppertunity to turn into a two year contract where I could become the "professional" to try and raise over $4 million to build this center.
  • Four overdue assignments
  • Weekly readings, that I'm currently 3 weeks behind in.
2 Jobs:
  • Lululemon Atheltica: Educator who's on the "Commuity" team. Have weekly responsibilties as an educator to go to at least one yoga class a week, and know the product so I can educte on it
    • Currently I know 10% of the product (not enough) and have missed two weeks of yoga classes becuase of my busy schedule
  • YMCA: Lifeguard that is taking on an EXTRA role as team leader where I am facilitating the development of our lifeguard team, professionally and as a "team" without any increase in pay or additional title
    • As a leader I am interested in elevating a good gaurd team to a great team through employee support and education opporunities. But am having difficulties bridging the recreation hat and management hat - because they fit differently but are the same size.
Attend Profession development oppetunities
  • World Leisure Congress in Quebec City
  • Present Leadership Theories presentation and facilitate meaningful discussion at DSU Leadership Conference
  • John Molson Sport Makerting Conference (note speaker is the chair of Canadian Olympic Comitee!!)
  • Take part in/ speak at Rec Nova Scotia Conference
  • Lifesaving Society Drowning Prevention
Work with Recreation Society to plan "Rookie Reckies" night to promote bonding and mentoring of first year Rec students with senior students
Develop new facilitators for Recreation Orientation

Acitively involved in Recreation Society, B. Management Curriculum Review, and Leisure Studies Curriculum review
  • Attend meetings, develop relations with other departments, understand student opinon
Research Project
  • Review current liturature on parenting, adolescents and free time
  • Go through qualitative data on adolecent perpective on free time
  • Develop paper
  • Pray to go it gets published
Maintain a social life - yes I may study Leisure, but I'll never know what it TRUELY means.
Become emotional confussed over the R sit.

Note to self: Yes, there's still half of the semester left, for the love of God, DON'T TAKE ANYTHING ELSE ON!!

Mon, Aug. 4th, 2008, 10:20 pm

Today a lady smiled at me.
I don't know who she was or why she smiled at me, but I'm glad she did.
Rather than passing by me quietly she make the choice to look at me and smile.
Today, I am thankful for her and her small gesture that went a long way.
Today, I am thankful that someone recognized me. Beyond  roles and beyond form.

Sat, May. 17th, 2008, 12:08 am
Worldly Advice

You know, when you get older (and out of high school) you'll look back at situations that use to infuriate you will seem so petty.
By reflecting, you'll see how much you've grown since then... or how much better you've gotten at not letting your true feelings show because when someone's a bitch... they're really a bitch. No matter what age.

Wed, Apr. 16th, 2008, 03:54 pm

I'm very excited for the things I'm going to do and the many possibilities, but I'm starting to forget about where I am and am not in this moment.

I'm adding Professor to the list of things I want to do.

Tue, Apr. 8th, 2008, 06:27 pm
Man, I love the Marquee

Random Girl is dancing with this guy who is quite possibly gay (very common at the Marquee)
She starts to get it on with Seth and then goes back to her dance partner. Seth and I start laughing and I high five him.
Girls turns around and walks right up to me and starts to shake her junk in front of me. Then she got really close to me and asked me if I was here with a girl friend.  I said no, my boyfriend.

She turned around and went back to her 'straight' dance partner.

I love that place

Wed, Apr. 2nd, 2008, 09:34 pm

For those of you who have not creeped my Facebook. I got the Rec Director position. I'm almost 100% sure I'm going to take it.

I'm also in the midst of writing my final paper for the 2007/2008 academic year. After hours of preparation and note taking, I'm having a blank white word document staring back at me. I need to break the ice! I have a post it note of reminders for the the writing process:

What's your point? Bring the beat back!

Don't get lost in the information

Don't be too  deed - do be assertive and get the point across

What's your feeling? Don't hide behind quotes.

You are HERE!!

Let the paper write it self, don't force the words.

Sun, Mar. 30th, 2008, 06:05 pm
Basic Communication

I feel. When you. I want.
I feel. When you. I want.
These three phrases have been ingrained in my head since I was in grade three.
I feel. When you. I want.

I had my first professional interview yesterday. It's for Shad Valley Cams (www.shad.ca). It's pretty amazing what they do. The position was for Program Assistant and Recreation Director. It went very well. I knew one of the interviewers from a committee we both sit on for Bachelor of Management Curriculum Review, which set a great tone. The first thing the main interviewer said to me was that I have a very impressive resume. It was so great to hear someone say that to me, it just uplifted my spirits. The interviewers also said that they were looking for someone with my specific background and education because they've found that the training and understanding Dalhousie gives us is perfect. It was great to hear that my time out here is recognizable and worth it.

I called my mom to tell her how well the interview went. The talk eventually came back to the focus of most of our conversations, money. But this time, I erupted. I don't understand how my parents can continually say that they are paying for my education when I have to take out $10 000 in loans a year and work my ass of in the summer to have enough money to cover my expenses. I feel like they like to stay that to make me feel guilty and remind me that I owe them something so they can have something over my head. It's a conversation we have all the time and it always seems to come back to "you'll have to work at the store this summer." They don't seem to understand that I do not like working at the store. It's not even the store that's so bad, I mean it's just boring labor. It's working with them. I cannot work with my parents because they do not separate life and work. Last summer, I felt like I was constantly under attack because the would keep saying "I pay for your education and this and that...." I would just like to know where this money goes when they say they're paying for me to in school. They pay for tutition (which isn't expensive) but that's not my only expense. It makes up about 1/3 of my total expense.

So I finally told my mom this and got pretty worked up about it. I ended up hanging up on her because she kept trying to talk over top of me. I hung up, and even though I told her everything, I had felt that she was still not listening to me. The rest of my day was a mess. I was late for work and I was not in the mood to lifeguard. I had 7 hours of sitting in front of the pool with nothing to do but my thoughts. What kept coming to me was "I feel. When you. I want" I knew that if I wanted to be heard I had to break it down to the simplest form of communication so that I could clearly articulate the problem and to not offend her by getting worked up (and saying things in the heat of the moment). I started to write it down. And things started to just flow. The more I got into it, the less relevant the stuff I was putting down became. It's clear that there are more issues at work than just this. Stuff that comes from my sexuality and respect.

This started to look up when I was approached by a parent of one of my kids (swimming lessons). He came up to me, and with such emphasis and determined tone, said "You. Are great at what you do." And it made me feel so much better. I came good at what I do, very good. I love what I've been doing at Dal. I'm considering three different kinds of Masters programs and I'm starting to see things from a research perspective because it interests me. One of my favorite profs told me that I would be a great Masters student because I'm very analytical.

So after all this, I'm reminded to break down communication to its simplest form and to remind people of the things they're great at. Because you never know when someone is having a shitty day and needs to be reminded of the things that bring them joy.

I feel. When you. I want.

Thu, Mar. 13th, 2008, 12:31 am

He's started using the heart emotion at the end of his MSN conversations...

Mon, Mar. 3rd, 2008, 10:26 pm
Janet Jackson

Tell me how long is it boo?
Yup, 7 inches that'll do!

I don't need another I could spend my life being your lover.

So  much betta I'm for you. So much betta I'm for you.
Tired of being number two. I can do what she can do.

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